Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Lord granted me an amazing gift this last week. It was the opportunity to offer and receive forgiveness to heal some very old wounds. 
What a tremendous joy it is to say (type) "I offer you full forgiveness by His grace" and to receive the same from another person. Then to have that person offer back a sincere thanks. 
I think we, as humans, tend to hold tight to grudges and hurts. Even small ones, because we think it gives us some type of power over another. Yet, in the end, it only holds us down, and away from God's perfect love for us. 
If you are reading this and know you've got a grudge, or a hurt that is not reconciled,... just take a moment to reach out to that other person and ask for forgiveness, or offer it even if it is not requested from you. You won't believe the joy that can be associated with it!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where to start?

Well, at the urging of a very nice friend, I have finally created a blog. You would think that a computer nerd/geek like me wouldn't need any urging, yet even though I've own my own domain ( for over 8 years, I've never felt the urge to blog. 
Still, my friend was correct in the idea that this may be a more effective way to communicate to my friends and partners as we prepare for our call to mission work. 
Stay tuned! Lots to come!