Monday, March 3, 2008

Thoughts on Waiting

Paula - 
Warm thoughts on a bitterly cold day. It's winter here in Ohio. I will freely admit that it isn't my favorite season. I don't like being cold even on the rare days the sun decides to shine. I also don't like to wait. Waiting for spring; waiting for warm days; waiting for life to re-awaken in the Earth; waiting to be surprised by the first spring flowers or the returning songbirds; waiting in general. It irks me.
But winter is necessary. I know that the Earth needs a season of dormancy to prepare for the seasons of vitality and activity. I also know that even though there maybe no outward signs of life in the ‘dead of winter,’ sap, the lifeblood of trees is beginning to flow; one by one the small songbirds are beginning to return and build nests for their young; hibernating animals begin to awaken and give birth. Slowly the ice melts and cracks and is washed away. Then, before you know it, the dead brown grass turns green and the hills are covered with wildflowers; the bitter winds of winter become gentle and warm; and the Earth bursts forth in abundant life.
I think that God also gives us seasons of ‘winter’ in our lives so that we learn to wait; to be still and know that He is God. And even though I become impatient in the waiting, I know that if I will listen and look around me that I will discover the subtle signs of His presence. Then, before I know it, I will discover the surprises He has prepared for me during the ‘winter months’ as I walk forward in the warm springtime of His love.